The United States is one of the largest exporters of modern music. The world loves to listen to American music — most of the top-selling global artists of all time are American.

Many of the biggest bands of all time that are not American — The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and others — moved to the country to be a part of the scene, and to have access to the bigger market, and more performing and recording opportunities. Stars like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson became worldwide sensations. And Michael Jackson is still one of the top-streamed artist in practically every nation on Earth.

35. Ohio
> Band: Nine Inch Nails
> Biggest hit: Closer
> Top-selling album: The Downward Spiral (4 million)
> Active: 1980’s – current

Throughout the history of American pop music, certain parts of the country were the focal points for new genres, attracting like-minded artists and influencing music around the world. This was case with blues in the Mississippi Delta, rap in Los Angeles, Motown in Detroit, folk music in New York’s Greenwich Village, and country music in Nashville. Many of our nation’s most popular artists have origins in these parts, which are usually in the most populous states.

But iconic bands didn’t just form in New York and California. Every state in the nation has made contributions to the American musical machine. Vermont, the second smallest state by population, is home to legendary jam band Phish. Prince, regarded by many as one of the greatest guitarists and performers of all time, was born and raised in Minnesota. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data on musical popularity and legacy to identify the greatest band from every state. Who is your state’s musical ambassador?

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